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Marian Hills Farm is located in in the scenic countryside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The farm features a beautifully restored Centennial barn, dated 1881.  Also on the property, there are two farmhouses:  the 'Old House' from 1835 and the 'New House' from 1914. It has been continuously owned and maintained by the same family for seven generations, since 1835. The old house overlooks the pond, creek, and barn, and is being offered as the bridal party's changing rooms.  


The property is ideally situated on gently rolling hills, surrounded by neighboring farms, fields, and woods that contain a pre-civil war cemetery. The barn features a limestone covered silo, and wonderful photo opportunities at every turn! There are many great locations perfect for celebrating on every inch of this soulful and historic farm. Please set up a tour and see for yourself what a beautiful site Marian Hills Farm would be for your special event!

Marian Hills Farm


5910 Maples Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46816


E-mail: info@marianhillsfarm.com




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